MISA has a new strategic partner in Cambodia

Date: 10/18/2019 - Views: 16
MISA's strategic partner - FARAX (Cambodia) Co., Ltd visited MISA HCM office and participating in a 2-day practical training on how to deploy the software and updating the latest features of CUKCUK.COM Restaurant Management solution.

TA Associates Announces Minority Investment in MISA

Date: 10/11/2019 - Views: 8
BOSTON and HONG KONG – TA Associates, a leading global growth private equity firm, today announced that it has completed a minority investment in MISA Joint Stock Company (“MISA”), a leading software provider in Vietnam. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Kiosk Self-ordering: CUKCUK

Date: 10/11/2019 - Views: 19
Kiosk Self-ordering: CUKCUK can now be used on Sunmi K1 device,

The battle of plastic straws - can we replace them all?

Date: 8/31/2019 - Views: 21
According to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), more than 80 countries are currently placing a ban on single-use plastic products. This movement is to say no to plastic waste. A series of recycled straws invented from coconut trees, palm to bamboo, reed grass,etc. In Vietnam, we are looking forward to a future of 5 years, completely no plastic in general and plastic straws in particular.

How much does it cost to be franchisee of KFC or McDonalds’s

Date: 8/31/2019 - Views: 25
With the current consumer trend, the market share of fast-food companies has decreased slightly, but undeniably, the fast food business is still the golden egg for investors. The return of investment of franchising of the world’s most famous fast-food brands can be one or two years, it is an attractive number for investor. However, the initial capital invests into this business can be enormous. So, how much does it cost to be a franchisee of big fast-food brand like Mcdonald and KFC cost ?
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