Blog Restaurant marketing: 10 “traps” that customer never getaway

Restaurant marketing: 10 “traps” that customer never getaway


In the business process, making customers spend more is what any restaurant owner wants, but to make that customer really comfortable using your service, your “trap” should become more artistic with the following 10 absolutely effective restaurant marketing strategy

  1. Why restaurant usually turn music at high volume?

According to a study at Fairfield University, high volume music can make you chew faster. This means it helps the restaurant have more customers coming in and out so the restaurant can make money faster.


2. Using different types of music

Some studies show that classical music makes you feel richer, meaning you will spend more on your normal spending habits.

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3. Sounds from the food

Music is not the only thing customers should listen to! The sizzling sound of food like the Chinese beef sizzling dish will make the customer want the dish more. When the dish is serving, others customer would want the dish too. 


4. The colour

An observant person can easily notice that fast food chains are extremely fond of red and yellow colors. Why is that? It is because the two colors are stimulate the brain that make customers feel they want to eat more. So if you are considering opening a fast-food restaurant, consider choosing those colors for your brand to ensure the aesthetics and customers feel like buying more.

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5. The dish’s name could trick the customer

Did you know that we often tend to choose the dish that have name goes after the names of the family members. That’s why you see names like Grandma’s Biscuits or Mom’s Meat Bread. Who are these people? I don’t know, but I want to eat them!


6. Price on the menu

Have you ever seen a high price on the menu and thought, “Who would pay so much for a dish?”. There are studies show that when you see such unusual expensive dishes, this makes other dishes on the menu look a lot cheaper by comparing them with each other.

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7. Some other saving tips

The second cheapest wine on the menu will usually taste better than the cheapest wine. Most people will call the second cheapest wine, because they think that calling the cheapest wine will make them … so “cheap”! But the main thing is: restaurants have gone one step ahead of you! They know your consumer behavior, so they often charge up for the second cheapest items in order to push sales.


8. Which dish does not bring any value to users?

Based on the preparation, plus the cost of the item, the side dish like fried potatoes is one of the lowest value items on the menu, followed by pasta. They are items that people can easily cook at home.

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9. Always look at the left corner of the previous menu

When you first open the menu, naturally follow the eyeing habits you will often go to the top right corner of the menu! In fact, where most restaurants will put the least words in the lower left corner of the menu.

10. For buffet

Buffet usually places low-cost items in the first area. Most people pay attention to this area and cannot afford to eat expensive items later. This also means that you didn’t really spend all the money you spent.