Blog The five things ensure your bar is being built right

The five things ensure your bar is being built right

The design of a bar counter ensures both aesthetic and convenient in the operation process is a decisive factor for your cafe to operate smoothly and efficiently. If the location of a bar is arranged scientifically, in the right position, the productivity of the employees will also be improved as well as minimizing the waiting time of customers, better serving customers. The owner can apply the following 5 things to prepare his/her bar counter

1.    Always prioritize the convenience for the staff

What is the service flow diagram look like? where is the bar located at? That determines where the bar will be set up. There will usually be 2 choices: X design or circle design. These two designs ensure employees at the high-peak hours do not fall into overload, limit missing or overlapping order. The ultimate goal is to ensure the cashier counter can be operated quickly and accurately.

2. Working space 

It is normal that you need to buy many pieces of equipment for
your bar. If you do not place them properly, it could impact the operation of
your staff due to the small working space.  Create a list of major
equipment that you are going to purchase and provide the idea and measurement
with your designer. Therefore, when your bar is built, it fits all the equipment
and still has a functional space for your staff to work. 

3. Reachable 
Many owners often forget this when designing a bar. Your bar height and the shelf need to be built in the way where your employee is able to reach the inventory/ or equipment needed. Please the items/machines that are frequently used in the easily reachable area. Those items such as stockpile, usage items shall place in the higher shelf or area that harder to reach.
4. Ensuring the aesthetic  factor
Oftentimes, the customer tends to desire to sit next to your coffee bar, because they are enjoying the process of making a beverage product. Plus, the customer appreciates the value of the beverage after they saw how it was made. Therefore, having an exceptional design for your bar is very important. The design should meet the aesthetic factor in concept and color. 

5. Cleaning factor

Your bar is high frequently used so keeping it clean is very important. Also, keeping your bar and the surrounded area is also an important task because your restaurant/bar/ coffee should need to meet the local safety standard. Quick tip, you should place the trash right next to the sink area so it is more convenient for your employees to clean.